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KH2: Art: Saïx   
10:20pm 30/11/2006
  Muses: YEY! YOU FINISHED NANO. Now, have some neck/back/wrist/hand cramps. :D

Dear Saïx's weapon. Mere words cannot express how much I hate you right now.

Dear scanner. Please stop killing my colours.


Saïx pin-up-esque thing.Collapse )
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[KH Vexen] All That's Left Behind   
10:47pm 14/11/2006
  Title: All That's Left Behind
Character: Vexen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: KH doesn't belong to me
Spoilers: Chain of Memories. (Twilight Town) Vaguely.
Other: Inspired by silvestris's picture And Twilight Fell and one of the comments on it.

No one will ever know the what the rest of that thought was.Collapse )
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[ES21--HiruSena] 10 drabble/prompts   
12:43pm 19/07/2006
  HiruSena consumes my soulCollapse )

Now with spoilers for 125-126Collapse )

X-posted to es21_hirusen, es21_yaoi, es21_drabbles, salt_and_tonic and rathrahk.
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PoT--Single Sentence   
07:16pm 26/04/2006
  HyouteiCollapse )

Yagyuu/JirohCollapse )

RikkaiCollapse )

Comment with requests!
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[PoT, YanaKiri] 2. Kisses are like Tears   
09:30pm 23/03/2006
  Title: Kisses are like Tears.
Pairing: Yanagi/Kirihara
Rating: PG
Community: 50_lovequotes
Theme: 2.Kisses are like tears. The only ones that are real are the ones you can't hold back.
Disclaimer: PoT = not mine.

Yanagi was not unversed in the way of romance, since his senior year of junior high Yanagi had had many girlfriends, Kirihara knew.Collapse )
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[PoT, Atoji] 24. Crying   
09:20pm 23/03/2006
  Title: Bad Dreams
Author: Kendarath
Pairing: Atobe/Jiroh
Rating: PG-13
Community: 30_cuddles
Theme: 24. Crying; Tears; Unhappiness; Heartbreak
Disclaimer: PoT not mine.
Dedicated to: koolsnowball. For making me cry.

Jiroh was huddled under the desk, knees tucked right up under his chin, arms wrapped around his legs and crying steadily when Atobe found him.Collapse )
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[PoT, Atoji] 14. Whispers   
10:20pm 22/03/2006
  Title: Whispers
Author: Kendarath
Pairing: Atobe/Jiroh
Rating: PG
Community: 30_cuddles
Theme: 14. Whispers
Disclaimer: PoT not mine. Pot, maybe, but not PoT.

The whispers followed him everywhere.Collapse )
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[PoT, Atoji] 28. Black Rose   
10:14pm 22/03/2006
  Title: Black Rose
Community: 30_memories
Theme: 28. Black Rose
Pairing/Characters: Atobe/Jiroh
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/claimer: PoT=not mine.

It was so wrong.Collapse )
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[Pot, HiyoTaki] Flight   
08:12am 21/03/2006
  Title: Flight
Community: 12_fics
Set + Theme: 2 + 14 (Vacation)
Pairing(romantic): Hiyoshi/Taki
Rating: PG
Genre(s): ...fwuff?
Warning(s): making out
Word Count: 589
Disclaimer: PoT doesn't belong to me.

Okay. Okay. This would be okay. Collapse )
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[PoT, Atoji] Headaches   
12:59pm 18/03/2006
  Title: Headaches
Community: 30_romances
Theme: 34. Pins and Needles ; Headache
Pairing/Characters: Atobe Keigo/Akutagawa Jiroh
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/claimer: Prince of Tennis doesn't belong to me
Summary: Well, there's a big long story about them being pirates, but for this all you really need to know is that they're pirates.

Atobe wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but as soon as he got up on deck, heads were going to roll.Collapse )
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[PoTOP, Taki] Tattoo Designs and Distraught!Taki   
02:37pm 17/03/2006
  Just pictures from a Prince of Tennis/One Piece crossover koolsnowball and I are doing.

(Taki Tattoo Front)
(Taki Tattoo Back)
(Distraught Taki)

Links lead to DeviantArt, but if you don't have an account there feel free to leave your comments here.
[PoT, Atobe] In Case of Tie   
08:19pm 09/03/2006
  I have heard rumors of some sort of bet between Atobe and Ryoma about the shaving of heads. So I got into a discussion about what would happen if they were to tie and....

Image hosting by Photobucket
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[PoT, HiyoTaki] 2. Jealousy   
08:24am 16/02/2006
  Title: Jealousy
Pairing: Taki/Hiyoshi
Community: 7snogs
Theme: 2. Jealousy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slash, obviously.
Disclaimer: PoT boys not mine.

It was somewhat embarrassing, this feeling.Collapse )
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[Naruto, Genma/Hayate] Drunken Movements   
10:31pm 18/01/2006
  Title: Drunken Movements
Pairing: Genma/Hayate
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Yet. *evil cackle*
Dedication: electricpower. 'Cuz you got me obsessed with this. It's your fault.

Genma didn't particularly want to go out again, especially as he had just gotten back from a mission and all he really wanted to do was sleep.Collapse )
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[Naruto, Genma/Hayate] Hug and CouchSketch   
03:18pm 04/01/2006
  HugCollapse )

CouchSketchCollapse )
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[PoT, HiyoTaki] 1. Uniform   
04:08pm 28/12/2005
  Title: Uniform
Pairing: Taki/Hiyoshi
Community: 7snogs
Theme: 1. Uniform
Rating: G
Warnings: New perspecive from me. I don't think I did a very good job, so beware of that.
Disclaimer: PoT boys not mine.

You're just like everybody else now. Normal. Unspecial.Collapse )
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[Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka] Classroom Doodles (1/4)   
10:27pm 21/12/2005
  Doodles done during various classes, completely without references.

KakashiCollapse )

IrukaCollapse )

Iruka and 'The Pants'Collapse )

KakaIruCollapse )
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[Naruto and Holiday, Photos] Gingerbread Creations   
08:09pm 21/12/2005
  Gingerbread creations at Ariel's house. Unfortunately the quality of the photos is really bad, and I didn't realize that until after I'd eaten most of them. (There's still one wall of the gingerbread house and Kakashi's head.)

HouseCollapse )

Kakashi and Iruka Gingerbread MenCollapse )
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Crack-Fic with Meg and Ariel.   
11:11pm 07/12/2005
  Crack-fic for Naruto with electricpower and koolsnowball. If you guys ever, you know, get the urge to write anything for it, just...reply or something.

Once upon a time there was a village. Named Konoha. Or something.Collapse )
[PoT, YanaKiri] 45. Promise   
02:25pm 02/12/2005
  Title: Promise
Pairing: Yanagi/Kirihara
Rating: G
Community: 50_lovequotes
Theme: 45. A promise is all I want. A promise that you will never forget me.
Disclaimer: PoT = not mine.

He didn't want him to change his plans, or abandon his dreams or give up his life, just because Kirihara was afraid to be alone.Collapse )
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